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$8,085 was given for a poultry farming program in Limulunga, Zambia. Funds from the project will be used to provide a nutritional meal each day during the school week for the children who attend Limulunga Community School.

Dear Wildflower Member,

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Limulunga Community School was started by Mbuyawana M. Lewanika, a retired special education teacher. She was moved into action because the vast number of children in the Limulunga village and the surrounding community had no educational opportunity. Presently over 500 children attend this school, meeting in shifts throughout the day in a temporary building. Separately from Wildflower, Hands of Hope is providing funds for a new school, which will be finished this year. The school building has become a beacon of hope for the community.

In July 2006 a team of Hands of Hope volunteers visited Zambia at their own expense. Time was spent visiting with the children who attend the Limulunga Community School. During our visit, we had an opportunity to visit the homes of some of the children. The team was startled to see the living conditions of these children, some who perpetually "camp out" with little or no shelter. Even more disconcerting was to learn that many of the children go without food for days.

In the rural areas of Zambia, 83% of the population is impoverished, and 50% of children under five years of age are suffering from chronic malnutrition. 38% of the children have stunted growth. Malnutrition contributes to the country’s high rate of child mortality, affects mental development and impedes school performance and labor productivity later in life.

David Jennings, Hands of Hope board member and the students of Limulunga Community School

To address the problem of malnutrition at Limulunga Community School, the Wildflower Society will fund a poultry farming project that will provide funds to begin a feeding program so that each student will have a nutritional meal each day during the school week.

Funds will be used to provide training for 3 leaders to attend the Livestock Development Trust Training Institute on poultry production in Lusaka, renovate and expand an existing chicken run, provide feed, and initially purchase 600 day-old chicks and expand the program to 3000 chicks. The proceeds from initial stages of the program will be used to feed the most vulnerable children and will feed all of the children as the program grows. In addition, older students will be involved with the project so that they can learn proper methods of raising and managing poultry. As a result of this training, the students will be in a position to assist their guardians and start their own projects.

It is our hope that it gives you a great sense of satisfaction to know that 100% of the funds that you have so faithfully contributed monthly are being used to invest in the future of over 500 needy children.

Photos by Al Buschauer, Buschauer Photography   www.buschauerportraits.com