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2010 Wildflower Society

A New Building Brings New Hope -- Mawawa School Completed

Hands of Hope Wildflower Society

Thanks to your contributions, the new Wildflower Society financed Mawawa School is open. Hundreds of children now have access to an education they never dreamed possible. The school is also a tremendous source of community pride and a potent catalyst for development.

A Modern New Building

Villagers are deeply grateful for the new school – marveling at the quality of construction, the furniture, and the sanitation facilities. The effectiveness of the innovative ventilation system led to local rumors that the school is air-conditioned. Children, who once learned their lessons sitting on broken concrete blocks or filthy mats, now enjoy a school completely outfitted with brand new desks, tables and chairs. The furniture from the Wildflower Society is a powerful symbol of dignity to local people, who can rarely afford anything new.

Mawawa School Mawawa School

The school has unleashed excitement in local people, who are actively pursuing new dreams:

More Than Bricks and Mortar

After years of seeing aid go to larger villages, the people of this poor, rural area say that the Wildflower Society’s Mawawa School project makes them feel valued as human beings. Representatives of the Ministry of Education are also impressed with the quality of the school. Villagers believe their interest will lead to a better education for students.

The entire community celebrated the school’s official dedication in February, where Hands of Hope surprised the children with soccer goalposts for the playground and team uniforms.

Hands of Hope Wildflower Society

Thanks to You

Mawawa School is a shining example of the Wildflower Society in action. Your monthly contributions made it possible not only for children to receive an education, but also for an entire community to see itself in a new, hopeful light.